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Before we dive into the final segment of this 3-part discussion on “size matters,” let’s recap where our journey has taken us thus far. In Part 1 we discussed why size matters when it comes to truck space, what that “sweet spot” might just look like regarding tools storage on a truck, and about why “relative storage” was important. In Part 2 we went into why size matters in the deployment process, why portability and ergonomics matter, and why “relative portability” should not be ignored. Now let’s a look why size matters when it comes to performance, and what that means to you. We’ll try our best not to beat around the bush here, because when it comes to high performance, size matters!

Small PPV Fans vs. Large PPV Fans: Comparing Performance

The ultimate size matters debate…performance. Go big or go home! This couldn’t be more correct when it comes to fan performance. The Bigger the Stream, the Greater the Flow.

A larger the fan blade produces a larger the Jetstream. A larger Jetstream creates higher entrainment, and higher entrainment equals higher pressure in the structure. Increased pressure equals increased air flow velocity at the exit point, so you’re ventilating more quickly.

A firefighter’s job is hazardous, there is no need to saddle them with an underperforming tool. It is not uncommon for a firefighter to risk one’s life while in the line of duty. After doing the math, it turns out that the less time these brave men and women have to spend at the call, the better. Seconds matter and things happen quickly in the fire industry.

Under performance can allow things to slip away and get out of control. Having tools that not only get the job done, but provide the control to get the job done quickly and effectively lets our first responders get home earlier. Increased performance provides the control necessary to finish the job quickly and effectively, and for this reason, size matters. Exponentially.

BlowHard has raised this bar on performance standards in regard to commercial PPV fans with the new “High Flow Jet” series fans that utilize an expanded Jetstream. Our High Flow Jet technology has increased the area of the Jetstream produced with the same sized blade by nearly 150%, while significantly reducing the footprint of the fan. The result is an ultra-compact fan that significantly reduces truck storage requirements while maximizing portability and increasing performance. High Flow Jet provides superior control, gets the job done in less time, and gets our first responders home more quickly.

To summarize: Use BlowHard fans, Go home early. Size matters, because YOU matter. We believe that high-performance tools will impact the performance of your team. It is our goal to design the best PPV fans that support your team by operating in the most highly effective manner possible.

From our team to yours, Cheers to a fighting hard and job done well!
Team BlowHard

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