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We continue our quest to settle the master debate on whether or not size matters, and let me give it to you straight – it really does! In Part 1 we discussed why size matters when it comes to truck space, what that “sweet spot” might just look like regarding tools storage on a truck, and talked about the importance of “relative storage.” Now we will examine the importance of portable, ergonomic PPV fans and how they impact the job. Then in Part 3 we will take a look at how size can have an effect on performance. If Part 3 is not there yet, check back in a month, you won’t want to miss it!

Portability and Ergonomics

If you’ve ever seen firefighter Olympics, I think you’ll agree, it’s a fun event to watch. There is also a reason for this event, it’s symbolic of what a firefighter must overcome. In this event, firefighters must be able to traverse courses while carrying equipment, climb obstacles with ropes and travel up towers. The firefighter Olympics is supposed to be representative of what firefighters must show up to do in real life on a daily basis. Firefighters must be ready and able to perform, equipment and all. Carrying an excessive load of tools is like loading the firefighter down with an iron ball and chain and then sending them to battle. Sounds a bit ridiculous eh? We think so too. When equipment is deployed from the truck, deployment must be effective. Sending a warrior to the field with equipment that is difficult to deploy makes their job much more difficult. Empowering a firefighter with equipment such as ergonomic PPV fans that are easy to deploy allows them the energy to focus on the job at hand. Size, balance, and portability go hand in hand…in hand.

As in the firefighter Olympics, portability may mean carrying something for a significant distance, potentially over uneven terrain. You may have to carry tools up staircases, down staircases, up ladders, down ladders, over obstacles, through doorways and narrow hallways, etc. The point is that when you’re a firefighter, your jobsite is one big unknown until you show up. When you throw another tool over your shoulder and turn to face the unknown, weight, shape and balance become a significant part of the “size matters” factor. The smaller, lighter, and more balanced something is, the less effort it takes to transport it, and let’s not kid ourselves, a firefighter isn’t just throwing a fan over his or her shoulder, but countless other tools at the same time to race into action.

At BlowHard, the measured performance per unit weight ratio of our battery-operated fans is taken into consideration at the research and development stage, we call it “relative portability.” Maximizing “relative portability” is not taken lightly with our engineers. We are proud to deliver maximum performance in a tight little package, just for you. We believe that portable and ergonomic tools that are easy to deploy will impact the performance of your team. It is our goal to design tools to support your team and operations in the most highly effective manner possible.

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